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Dear BayGenie user,

On Oct 10th, 2016, eBay released a new change to block user login from remote server using technologies such as "Honeypot" and phone verification. As such, BayGenie Online has been unable to login to eBay on behalf of you and place bids. At this moment, the only solution is for eBay to whitelist BayGenie server and allow eBay users to login from BayGenie server. We'd like your help to voice out your concerns to eBay and let them know BayGenie is a legal auction sniper service that brings a lot of GMV (Global Merchandise Volume) to eBay. Please ask them to whitelist us so you can continue login from BayGenie server and using the sniping service.

To report the problem to eBay, please follow this link:, choose "Call us" link at the bottom to contact eBay's customer service. Please let them know our server IP address is and they should whitelist this IP to be excluded from Honeypot and phone verification check. At the meantime, you may also opt to use our BayGenie 4 Windows or Mac application, which still works well. You can contact our support to get a registration key.

We thank you for using our service and will be very grateful if you could help us restoring our normal service.


BayGenie Support


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