Frequently Asked Questions

What is BayGenie eBay Auction Sniper?
BayGenie eBay Auction Sniper automatically places your bid in the last seconds of eBay auction, thus avoiding bidding war and dramatically increasing your chance of winning.

How does it work?
It's as easy as 1-2-3,
1. Find the auction you want to bid on from eBay.
2. Enter the eBay item number into BayGenie and BayGenie will pull the auction information from eBay.
3. Schedule how many seconds before the auction ends and how much the maximum amount that you want BayGenie to place bid.
That's it! Just sit back and relax, BayGenie will automatically place bids for you when the time comes.

How much does it cost?

  • Online/Mobile (Sharing subscriptions, so your Online subscription will work on Mobile and vice versa.)
    Your first month is free. After that, you can choose one of the plans below
    Plan Price Per Month Price Save
    3 Months$14.99$5.00/month
    6 Months$24.99$4.17/month17%
    12 Months$44.99$3.75/month 25%!

  • Desktop
    Free - Limited to sniping one auction at a time.
    $12.95/year - Schedule snipes for unlimited auctions at a time. The registration fee is non-recurring. After one year, you can pay the same amount to continue your registration; otherwise BayGenie will revert back to the free version.

How do I pay my subscription?
We accept payments through PayPal. That means you can use credit card, bank balance, or PayPal balance to pay the subscription fee. Our system will remind you 15 days before your subscription expires so you have enough time to resume your service without interruption.

Do you have a refund policy?
Yes, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. After you paid for the software, if for any reason you are not happy within 60 days we'll fully refund your money. Any refund after 60 days from the date of registration payment is solely at the discretion of

Why do you need my eBay username and password?
In order for bidding on eBay to work, BayGenie has to login to eBay on behalf of you. To do so, the system has to know your eBay username and password. Your eBay login information is encrypted and stored in our secured database. It is used solely for bidding purpose and is not shared with anyone else.

What is Bidding Group? How does it work?
Suppose you are trying to get an iPod on eBay, you would setup several snipes on different iPod auctions. As soon as you have won one auction you would need to manually cancel the rest of pending snipes.
But with Bidding Groups, this process can be automated! You can create an iPod group, set the maximum number of wins to 1 and put those snipes in the group. Now BayGenie will snipe on the auction that ends first. If you win, it will stop and cancel the rest of snipes since it has reached 1 win. But if you didn't win, it will continue trying all the snipes in the group following the same logic until you've won 1 auction or until the snipes in the group have been exhausted - whichever happens first.

Which eBay sites does BayGenie support?
BayGenie supports 16 eBay global sites: United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium (French & Dutch), Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom. You will bid on the auctions in their local currencies.

What is the ideal lead time?
Although BayGenie do support last second bidding, we do recommend lead time between 3-5 seconds in order to minimize the risk of late bidding (placing bid after auction has ended).

Why didn't BayGenie place bid for me?
Besides late bidding (placing bid after auction has ended), there could be multiple reasons that your bid can't go through on eBay, including but not limited to:
- Buyer requirements (most common). See eBay's help on this topic.
- Minimum bid increment requirements. You may indeed have had a slightly higher bid, but eBay has minimum bid increment requirements and rejected your bid. See eBay's help on this topic.
- Your eBay password has been changed and BayGenie couldn't login on behalf of you.
- You or the auction seller's eBay account has been suspended or terminated.
- The auction has special requirements (such as mature adult auction) and has extra bidding steps.
- BayGenie problem. Please report your problem using our contact form or send email to

What does "maximum bid" mean? If I put $20 maximum bid, does that mean I will have to pay $20 if I win?
The "maximum bid" works in the EXACT SAME WAY how eBay bidding works. eBay provides an instruction on how it works.

Here's a short example. If you put $20 as your MAXIMUM bid, then
- If the next high bidder's max bid is $9, you will win the auction with $10.
- If the next high bidder's max bid is $19, you will win the auction with $20.
- If the next high bidder's max bid is $21, you will lose the auction.

When I login, BayGenie gives "Your User ID or password is incorrect" error. How can I login?
It is usually because of your eBay login doesn't work any more. Please use your browser to go to eBay and sign in, and then start BayGenie again.